Starting in the fall of 2010, Letters for Lyme was born from the imaginations of Lyme advocates Bambi Albert and Kenneth Mercure in response to a noticeable need for self-empowerment and an "activism for all" approach to enacting change. We wanted to provide everyone a chance to stand up and let their voice be counted, with little to no energy expenditure, something anyone suffering from a chronic illness knows is not often an available resource.

Since it's inception there have been four campaigns, two major and one smaller localized campaign, two with specific themes: Physician Awareness and Science Isn't Spelled With A $, which was launched in response to an inflammatory article written by the IDSA referring to Lyme advocates as "anti-science zealots" among other insults. That campaign was also planned to be done adjacent to the IDSA Annual Conference Protest which took place in Boston, MA on October 22nd, 2011.

With a overwhelming lack of mainstream coverage one of our most important goals at Letters for Lyme is to work towards a more in-depth and accurate portrayal of Lyme disease, a move away from the current rinse/repeat approach that the mainstream media and press has been standing by for far too long. We hope to expose the inadequacy that those in power have continued to display and let them know that their mistakes are not going unnoticed!

We also hope for our own communities not to be denied access to the truth about Lyme, an epidemic that already effects so many and can easily happen to anyone, whether or not they spend time outdoors or live in a so-called “endemic” area.

We want those in the position to make a difference to know that change needs to happen, it has to happen now and that we are not going to stop until we get it! The whole world is watching!

For the IDSA and their greedy skeptic brethren ignorance is only bliss so long as they have people to puppet along, once the shroud of corruption has been lifted all you’re left with is lies.

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