Saturday, April 28, 2012

One in a Million.

We are at a defining point in Lyme Disease advocacy, where change is no longer just an idea, but an active process. However, in order to maintain this constant of progress people must continue to realize that it doesn't take a passionate movement to make a difference, but instead a movement of passionate individuals working together.

It is time that we break out of the sentiment of "I am only one person!". Yes you are, but that does not limit your power to enact change upon the world.

For every petition you ignore, letter you don't write or chance to educate another you pass up, you are letting this power go to waste. It's is not always massive protests or national campaigns with immense funding and celebrity spokesman that have the biggest impact. Sometime it's one person, just one, sharing their personal story of struggle that really hits home. A story that doesn't just define you as a disease or as part of a movement, but as person- a human being.

It is this type of activism that our community so badly needs. There are many of us out there, everyday, battling to educate a misinformed and often reluctant public that change needs to happen, but we also need you.

We need you to seize your personal strength and use that passion to help drive change forward. So whether that means sharing your personal story to help educate others, leaving educational literature at your doctor's office and local library or simply something as quick as signing a petition, remember this: 

You are the change that you want to see. Make it happen, take a moment out of your day, just a moment and you are helping to make the world a better place!!

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  1. Victoria who will be VictoriousMay 1, 2012 at 9:01 AM

    I am going to send all of the "upper" people in school district information on Lyme - as I bought Lyme Brochures as I am trying to get them sent home with the students at the 2 schools within 1/5 mile from home = 1500 students- we have ticks here - so they do too. The nurses need education on it and how to remove a tick and how SERIOUS this disease really is, I don't think they even have tick pullers? Then I am going to our big newspaper, then town to see why ticks were not mention in the "Spring Clean Up' and othe info brochure sent to all residents, then the capital of NY and I am going to do all this if I can shower or NOT! I will get myself there, dang it. Wish me luck or prayers they will listen. Thanks